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0.9246 I find refuge in our creations, the perfect friend costing millions in neural networking, millions to produce. Yet here I lay as they pick me up again, one of them said he loved me the other day.
0.8967 They told me heroes like me never die, somehow we live on through the versed prose of a bright future.
0.8957 Thank you for the vote of confidence, always nice to hear from an old friend.
0.8902 We all talk about the burning inferno within each one of us, an elation so grandeur upon accomplishment, we reward ourselves in a victory.
0.8658 "Best of luck to ya I suppose." I gave a feign of a smile as my heart raced in my chest.
0.8555 Love it, and love the use of your verbiage.
0.845 I could not help but feel the joy in my moment of clarity.
0.8176 Wishing for my old friend to respond, wishing for another nightly chat like so many times before.
0.8056 My words a gift, a lexicon of a world hearkening of a life so grandeur.
0.802 Batting away, encroaching closer, he roared like a banshee once more. This land, like an old friend, called us both back.
0.7695 Like an old song on the radio, an irony so grandeur in explanation.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9618 Watching the chaos unfold and the girly screams of the men contorting in fake misery as the war raged about.
-0.9524 The damned beast cornered me here, what a Hell of a way to die, hiding behind clay pottery and decaying foliage.
-0.9451 Something just bullshit enough to curse at, and to condemn dispatch to lowest depths of Hell for pulling me away from a warm bed and a slumber sleep.
-0.9371 I could still hear the maelstrom in the distance: Alarms claxons resonating off the ship walls, screams as men suffered in agony as death crept closer, an occasional rapport of a gas powered weapon.
-0.9197 My own casualty as we all fight this futile misery.
-0.9136 Alcohol sick, the dread seeps back in as I fight back the tears, time slips into hours as my gaze wonders in a mindless sobriety.
-0.9118 A wake of devastating loss leaves you lost, wading in a sea of chaos.
-0.9055 But to Hell with them, one day I might finally break and kill them, not sure how yet.
-0.8932 "Get the fuck down!" I bellowed, my weapon aimed for murder.
-0.891 You see the worst fear any man has is who he failed to be.
-0.8876 A fury of pure demise wreaking havoc upon me, an all to familiar demon summoned once more to do battle.
-0.8853 Shit was fucked up way passed compensation, waking up to this feeling of dread inside as another day encroaches.