/u/Smalls139 is very positive!

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0.9235 GG everyone :) glad there was only a little salt in there, overall a great tournament!
0.9136 Yay I'm glad, you're cute :3
0.8918 :D and being stylish is a lot of fun :3
0.875 :p I've been outstanding lately, it's been a solid month :) hbu
0.872 Ahhh your posts on your blog inspired me with my transition, you look amazing <3
0.8555 Ooh yes I love those ears and that sweater And aww thank you c:
0.8481 Your smile and your eyes :o lovely :3
0.8481 You're wonderful and I love you, pls
0.8271 I love you too :*
0.7865 Ahhhh thanks :D
0.7603 Thank you :D

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-0.5095 I imagine one of these for the Courtyard being incredibly irritating with constant mosquito buzzing
-0.3131 I'd like to do the same but I'm not sure how to go about it. Also congrats!!~
-0.296 Oh no, someone who knows who I am
-0.25 I had a babyface before growing that mistake facial hair and now I have worse of a babyface lol
-0.1779 Some weird cocktail thing.
-0.128 Whoa, I'm jealous :o and your style <3
-0.1027 This is actually why my parents still have a hard time believing me.
-0.1027 That good pain
0.0 Just don't let it get a hold of your snake
0.0 I feel the need to flagellate afterwards
0.0 https://imgur.com/a/jhNPW
0.0 [It has been quite a while since I've been here oh man]