/u/Sledge139 is slightly positive.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9153 Can you be a beautiful girl that loves me as much as I love her
0.886 it is easy to find someone you love the hard part is to find someone who loves you equally back
0.8087 Yesterday the boyfriend of my sister had a birthday party where everybody was invited even my fucking cousin and I was not, and my dumbass even drove them to the party.
0.7003 thanks mate hope you are right
0.6808 I wish I was this good.
0.6602 Don't worry they hate you too
0.6428 well i am probably going to meet her tomorrow and she doesn't have a bf anymore but i am not going to get my hopes up
0.6369 What is the best meleeweapon?
0.5972 I never get battle trophies do you have to do something special to get them?
0.5267 This sounds awesome as fuck lol
0.5187 I already told her that I love her like 2 years ago but she had a boyfriend back then

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8074 tell them they are stupid cunts
-0.802 Nah cunt I aint subscribed to that shit
-0.7469 I also was in a group chat with my classmates but I left because they are a bunch of cunts
-0.7096 drunk as fuck over whattsapp while she had a boyfriend
-0.6908 i would probably kill him
-0.6808 why the fuck would i care if i'm already dead
-0.6369 why did you betray your fatherland austria
-0.6249 I mean he could have atleast tried to put some kind of hearing protection for the kid because cutting with an angle grinder is loud as shit
-0.5574 Holy shit my cousin told me they were staying in our village and I didn't believe him what episode was it?
-0.5574 ban religions
-0.5483 Got myself ready for a blown out knee or weirdly bended arms or legs but I wasn't ready for this kind of brutality
-0.4939 You mean Michael Bomb Bay?