/u/Slabel is a total dick!

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0.8074 thanks for the call cutie <3
0.7579 yeah, Friday I sat by you guys in the front left and I said you looked just like Jordan lol
0.7506 I would enjoy participating, but it's difficult for me to have free time to practice and play.
0.6964 I treat my rifle pretty aggressivly and shoot a lot and haven't noticed any problems.
0.6808 I wish I could tweak a few stats here and there and make the game infinitely better.
0.6705 I was impressed with the server performance last time I played vs the first few months after reborn released.
0.6648 If it looked more like old Nuke, maybe I could stomach it, but it still needs work before it should be in active duty.
0.6275 If there were less people like you making meta posts, and more people posting gameplay/discussions/memes then the subreddit would be better.
0.6115 dear fucking god my eardrums
0.6113 Makes me so proud of my state.
0.5499 not me in the clip lol but I have a [Llama Cannon] as well

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-0.8674 *announcing that people's skins won't carry over*: 94% upvoted but mostly negative comments. Do I smell vote manipulation from some slimey cock sucking moderator of this subreddit?
-0.8625 DICE shit the bed on the balancing, the LMGs do virtually no damage for some god damn reason
-0.8581 Aiming in AR is only really difficult due to the sporadic/non-smooth movements of blockmans, adding more random dumb movements would only make things worse.
-0.8555 because some pros cheated in 1.6, that makes it okay? once a cheater, always a cheater
-0.836 fuck you faggot.
-0.835 Fuck that, I want to know if the admins are faggots so I can leave.
-0.8248 In the first World War the central powers weren't necessarily the "bad guys" and I hate that they are mindless badguys in every video game
-0.8215 Actually what I hate is that despite being a super weapon, it isn't any more useful than a grizzly.
-0.8201 I understand, but many pros DIDNT cheat, and everyone seems to think pros cheating in 1.6 as okay because it was common
-0.8074 Shit is retarded.
-0.802 gus' ex gf hacked narroby's account then 1x1x1x1x1x1 killed himself and respawned as the owner
-0.7906 Standard capacity magazines buffs non-BRs. Possibly add the stipulation that you must survive with your Ural for 2 minutes after destroying the enemy teams' ural to prevent random bum rushes.