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0.8932 I love the style and I was looking for a good inspirational album of Berlin since I'm going there for a week next month! Would you have any tips to take photos while in this city?
0.8746 I absolutely love your style, I'd love to learn from it, I'll PM you.
0.8716 Hey you did sell me that blade, really great work on the restoration btw, I love it!
0.8625 I already love the car as it is, i'd only like it to be better.
0.8622 Superb, I love the angle!
0.8511 I love the colours and the detail in there, really an amazing view.
0.8221 That's pretty awesome, you get to be Santa this year!
0.8065 Wow thanks!!
0.8026 I guess getting the measurements right is not gonna be so easy Thanks for the link!
0.8016 Great, nice to know!
0.8016 I understand, I would love to take a look at the files yes!

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-0.6777 Sooo where can I buy one of those BATTLE WAGON stickers?!?!!
-0.6187 I considered it on mine as well but additionally to the suspension and geometry hazzle of the drop, I need the clearance for the winter in here :\
-0.5367 I put the bolt of the Hella through and screwed the nut.
-0.4215 Its sadly a post on the side of the road
-0.2617 Sad thing is that it's exactly in my price range but they don't make it anymore.
-0.2263 Do you think putting a glass plate on top could correct the problem?
-0.2263 Yeah, the sad thing is the 450$ price tag, especially compared Ford Racing's 250...
-0.2263 Now how could I get a limited slip differential for not too much?
-0.0516 Noob question; can I upgrade the stepper drivers on the board only?
-0.0516 Kind of an noob here as well..
0.0 Where could I get the STL?
0.0 I need this!