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0.875 You can find an HD version of it here: https://cartrdge.com/sir_carma/scifi-city-voxel-art And more of my work on my Twitter : https://twitter.com/Sir_carma/ Thanks again for all the love <3
0.8636 Thanks man, appreciate it :D
0.8619 Thanks fr all your kind words ad support ! This was modeled in Magica Voxel and animated in Unity 3D!
0.8519 Thanks for the kind words :)
0.8503 Thanks, that's a very nice comment :)
0.8478 Wow, that looks awesome!
0.8271 Thanks, that's nice to hear :)
0.8268 Thanks, glad you like it!
0.8254 So super easy to import in Unity for example! I used them once for a GameJam already.
0.8121 Can't wait to see how it will look! Thanks again for all your comments and OP for sharing my work! Don't hesitate to ask me any question on twitter!
0.802 True :p I did that part in the end quickly, should have put more thoughts into it :)

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-0.8555 Unfortunately no :( Never had time to do one :( But I use very very basic features of Unity to do it.
-0.7992 Would love to jam but no time unfortunately :(
-0.7579 Unfortunately no, just Twitter :(
-0.7343 I made it for Twitter, and because of max size limit, couldn't post a perfect loop :( maybe next scene!
-0.5255 The UI is terrible!
-0.3382 while making all the animations I want on my scene possible :/ Should plan more before starting them!
-0.296 I'm no dev at all.
-0.2732 Magica voxel is blocked at 126*126*126.
-0.1957 UE is more complex, not a big fan of it's UI, but you can feel that it's way more powerfull when you master it!
-0.1027 Mmm, it's hard to say for this one cause I used previous models that I made a long time ago .
0.0 Just finished my new animated scene, a little suburban residential Tokyo area this time.
0.0 I always use Magica Voxel to model it, Unity 3D to animate it.