/u/Simonburgin is very positive!

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0.8555 I think Australia under the Tony regime needs you more than ever, anyway love your work bro, keep it coming, much love
0.8516 Awesome man, your a champion!
0.743 who's responsible for the creative on these TVC's agreed they borrow perhaps a little too heavily from Sacha Baron Cohen..
0.743 Glad you enjoyed the ending...
0.6705 Thanks tilda, this is a brilliant read, no questions...
0.6486 I think shorter is good and I'll certainly look to pair down some of the projects...
0.6369 Much love to you guys in Scotland
0.636 May I second your a champion!
0.6249 it's a pretty compelling watch.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wPjpx-9goA
0.6249 this looks great
0.6249 This is was built in touchdesigner which has great tools for separating subjects from backgrounds via Kinect

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-0.5667 We weren't particularly concerned with hiding the technology as it was a no budget art piece.
-0.4215 Heh, no were not a bunch of teenagers..
-0.296 No, it's the edited version I did for TV...
0.0 https://vimeo.com/153762384
0.0 touchdesigner, 10k projector, Kinect 2 and a laptop to run
0.0 think I owe you a drink bro...
0.0 I've had mac's in the past...
0.0 http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcforme/comments/2c7brf/i_want_a_decent_desktop_box_for_motion_graphics/
0.0 I'll work on it later tonight
0.0 Think you'll ever make it back to Melbourne?
0.0 I'm not too concerned with an intro myself as it will be usually seen in the context of my vimeo site or website and or with my resume...
0.0 I might consider a short one.