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0.9525 It's not because I'm super smart or something, it's because I did my best to be a good colleague and to show up and love doing science. This is very inspiring and useful advice.
0.902 It's awesome to hear that your success is due to discipline, consistency, and genuine interest!
0.902 Yay, I love hugs!
0.8959 :) I'm sorry you feel bad during the holidays but you're not alone and it'll get better, trust me.
0.8805 Also, there's tons of organizations that would love your help--this is how I began volunteering. Your compliments are so sweet.
0.8568 I've mentored a few students into these programs, so I'm happy to give a few pointers as well if you want more specific advice. Thank you so much for the offer!
0.8555 Since I strive to improve myself, I chose this place in hopes that I could inspire someone else to do the same.
0.8442 You're right about the programming section and your advice on finding labs is useful. Yes, I would like to narrow down my interests which is why I posted this thread.
0.8358 These products look so awesome and well thought out!
0.8279 Alzheimer's, HAND in HIV/AIDS, etc. That's so interesting!
0.8172 :) Thank you for the well wishes!

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-0.6939 However, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't nice to be recognized for it occasionally.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6314 I actually really want to apply for a Neuroscience PhD, but my lack of science background made me reluctant.
-0.5719 I understand the negative connotations of posting this story.
-0.5106 I felt a lot of pain today and writing is a cathartic experience for me.
-0.4215 You helped to quelled some of my worries.
-0.3818 That is, conditioning an animal to an odor using appetitive or aversive stimuli .
-0.3612 For 2 years, I mentored high-risk low SES youth from broken families in bi-monthly support groups.
-0.3291 I returned a few hours later to buy socks for him but he disappeared.
-0.296 Aside from this story, I have no other account of todayno asking him to pose with me in photo or recording of any video posted on social media.
-0.296 I am in no way an expert on this topic.
-0.2411 I wasn't sure of which subreddit to post this in, if at all.