/u/Sib21 is a total dick!

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0.7003 I don't know where people like you get the idea that free speech means anything more than that.
0.6739 Nah, humans LOVE drugs.
0.6597 Either help people, or they will help themselves to you.
0.6486 Used to play it on an old dell laptop with a pIII 700 and an intergrated ati video with a 8 mb video buffer, good times.
0.5994 Who arms and trains millions of men and women to protect you from other countries?Pretty sure the States, and U.S.
0.5848 George Burns, he played both God and Satan in the same movie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh,_God!_You_Devil
0.5719 Then use a fucking search engine to learn how to do the math, or use these wonderful little calculators that are literally all over the internet to do the math for you, you fucking reprobate.
0.5413 If you really care so much, Eurotrash, make up a new curriculum, immigrate to the U.S., and try to get your curriculum taught.
0.5267 You deal with what is, and not what could be in an "Ideal World" as you say.
0.4767 I love when kids say shit like this.
0.4767 Yeah it's worth it.

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-0.9287 military are because of those 2 idiot wars some dumb ass eurotrash started across the ocean.
-0.8934 No one, because you'll be dead before they get there, or they'll kill you right as they get there in the cross fire of good ol' boying down a "perp"
-0.886 Either you have no critical thinking or comprehension, or you're a dumb piece of shit.
-0.8625 When you send soldiers out to kill, people are going to die.
-0.8462 That's on YOU, but don't call other people names because you have a shitty argument.
-0.8225 Who has enough time to waste beating a dead horse like that?
-0.8176 Seems the type to whine, complain, and destroy when he doesn't get what he wants.
-0.8151 Unfortunately, dumb people eat this shit like it was ice cream.
-0.8126 making sure that you assholes don't pull another world war out of your ass, like you guys tend to do.
-0.7964 We never wanted in those dopey ass wars in the first place.
-0.7932 I mean we all do in a way, but his post history indicates he is more oriented toward violence.
-0.7783 Feels like there is one or two people with sock puppet accounts, posting and replying to the same "he was convicted of rape" shit.