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0.9408 To me it felt more like inner peace than a true overwhelming happiness that most people get to experience through things like relationships.
0.9266 I saw them live with Ian and they were pretty good but I just recently saw them live with JT and he really puts on a great show.
0.9153 I think they both have their strong sides but I certainly think that Marcus was a good choice to progress the band.
0.9144 There is a lot of debate on which singer is better but I think most people on this sub generally consider Adrian to be better both because of his amazing lows and his overall lyrical ability.
0.9115 That's kind of a love song so I would recommend staying away from that one. Good luck brother.
0.9081 Despite it's size it still feels awesome to just walk through those doors and be with the people who enjoy the same music as me in my awesome city.
0.9062 I feel like a lot of their songs are just super fun live and it helps that the band knows how to hype up the crowd.
0.8934 Give this song a listen, it's all about the passing of a loved one and it's truly beautiful.
0.8897 It's a bit early to say, but I think I like ERRA with JT better than with Ian.
0.887 I love how it ties together natural world and human existence in so nicely.
0.8689 Also super glad that there's a chance they might play Cutting The Ties.

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-0.7755 I just genuinely feel quite bad for hurting her and pushing her away so much.
-0.7506 Pain is the body's way of telling you that there is something wrong.
-0.7506 Saw it as dangerous and dumb.
-0.7096 Northlane is easily my all time favorite band so I do have a bit of bias but I think they put on a hell of a show.
-0.6726 I saw them with Ian in December but I wasn't really a huge fan of ERRA at that point, but after seeing them I've started listening to them a lot more.
-0.6486 Underoath, Of Mice and Men, Dead by April, Bullet for my Valentine, All that Remains, Our Last Night, Bring me The Horizon.
-0.6249 I can't really say what the worst show I've been to is.
-0.5848 This new song is kick ass though!
-0.5423 Do you think going after someone who's not completely over her last ex is a bad idea?
-0.5423 I wouldn't say they were bad.
-0.5286 That sounds like a really good idea but I'm not super artistic so it might be quite hard.
-0.5106 Check out I Shook Hands with Death, Aspire, Dream Awake, and Metamorphosis.