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0.9451 I apologise man, I have been trading all day and I got mixed up and forgot things, but honestly thanks :D
0.9158 Ok Great, tell me when you are ready :D
0.9144 Ha, Thanks man but I already Found someone who can help complete with all of the rest :D
0.9052 Hey I just wanted to let you know that Ive found someone who can help me, but thanks anyways :D
0.9008 Great, thanks for your time :D
0.8883 I am honoured to join the Elite Few, and all if this is thanks to you my good sire !
0.8824 Oh Ill have more than fun, I just hope shiny hunting wont gonna make cry :D
0.87 Good to know, thanks :D
0.8661 I would very much like that link, thanks in advance :D
0.8455 Thats Great :D
0.8422 Thanks but the squad is 70k over budget, I could try it if you truly recommend it

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 Yea Ive got two, but ill have to give ya the Jap one
-0.4215 Oh Ofcourse, tell me when we are done and Ill give them to a pokemon cuz a forgot :P, also I forgot, Ive been trading alot, Did you have the complete dex or what?
-0.4019 Sorry dude can you give me 5 mins exactly, my mom needs something :/
-0.296 No its actually written as 15.990 gb
-0.296 Also I think you missed The single Coned Ice cream Vanilish
-0.296 Swanna, You missed Sawanna
-0.2641 I'm not losing anything :D
-0.1989 Thank you again, I cant describe my gratitude !!
-0.1184 What are the Y exclusive, I'm not sure which are which, also would one Shiny Kyurem or Shiny Latios suffice?
-0.0516 Restarting the PS and the Download did the trick for me
-0.0258 Hmm, well I just noticed that I included an extra copy of Heliolisk and I missed counted, Its was 11, so I guess 1 more Pokemon?
0.0 I don't have any stores near me, is there any other way that i can sign up?