/u/Sentient_Dasani is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 Yes I do, in fact I agree with your points, I just think quite a few people on this sub cover their ears and shriek rich people when their project doesn't get done.
0.7096 Nashville: Your good will for the Blues playing the Wild will dry up the second you play them. Nothing wrong with you Blues <3
0.6588 That's a great anthem!
0.6249 Paul statistic area, this will benefit people there as well who get too and from work and live north of Hudson
0.5994 Blues fans telling Wild fans they have a persecution complex lmao
0.5574 Coyle has just been...not fantastic
0.5356 I would be so much more pleased with white if he just jumped someone gloves off at this point.
0.5106 That's the fun stuff
0.4877 Jesus I really need to relax.
0.4767 I appreciate your optimism but I'm gonna hold out until Easter to really see what they can do.
0.4404 I don't think you realize that Stewart is better than a 4th liner on a decent amount of teams

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-0.8259 Fighting is bad for the sport Hitting people with cross checks is not condemned by the league Make up your fucking minds assholes
-0.8104 Which is extremely regrettable and horrible.
-0.7964 Harassing piece of shit
-0.7741 "Moving away from fighting a lot of people don't want to see this" My ass people don't want to see this!
-0.7351 There's crashes and the entire grid goes to a stop because the lift bridge is 80 years old, has constant failures, gets stuck.
-0.7351 One bad hit and I see something insane happening here
-0.7102 If I could trade one 30 second fight for 10 less shitty schoolgirl scrums I would.
-0.7034 Sharks are getting BULLIED
-0.7003 That's boring as fuck.
-0.6808 What the hell was that?
-0.6784 I hate this shoving "HE STARTED IT!!!"