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0.7579 So now )) is pretending to be a friend and ally of Trump supporters?
0.7258 Zionism, Talmudism and Hebrewism are nothing but a massive fascist racket with a kosher facade pulled over the top.
0.6637 Times is trying to create the illusion of the "good old days" when "take it gradually and don't be so obvious" kosher fascists like Bush and Obama were in control, vs.
0.6113 Lucifer must be so proud.
0.607 Otherwise you're nothing but a fraud and an opportunistic poseur in the vein of Ivanka Trump.
0.5994 Not that Trump has turned out to be an authentic populist or champion of the "nativist" middle class or working class.
0.5423 On the other hand, we've seen Asians, Arabs, blacks, Hispanics all enlist with the Zionist fascists as well.
0.5267 And they were part of the international Zionist movement that was playing the same game, out of the agenda to create Israel/the Jewish supremacist state.
0.5267 The historical wheels of justice do the anti-fascist work on their own.
0.4939 During the Sundance Film Festival in January, when Park City, Utah, held its version of nationwide womens marches, Mr.
0.4939 And it's pretty obvious that Mammon doesn't have the right stuff to get the job done. Which gang has the most fifth column snakes in the West, Israel/The House of Saud, or Iran?

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-0.9524 Part of that is executing the worst bull-worshipers guilty of treason and nation-wrecking. Talmudists and racial Zionists are bull-worshipers and enemies within of the worst Hebrew lineage.
-0.9337 Hypocrite [check] Moral Fraud [check] Two Faced [check] Lying Reprobate [check] Subversive Prick [check] MSM Propagandist [check] Lib-con Gangster [check] The fascist Zionist rats need to go.
-0.8807 era, but I guess hidebound "Chosen" race supremacists and fascists never really cease and desist, they just go underground for awhile until they can build back up their racist forces.
-0.875 They attack in fascist little cells and packs, because they're cowards and rats, and they all read from the same sick, brainwashed cult scripts.
-0.8625 Those who whore themselves off to the Golden Calf and the ear-whispering serpant will make a whore of the world.
-0.8442 I read where Weinstein threatened to ruin the careers of those with loose lips.
-0.8316 This also explains Reiner's dedication to evil Jewish reprobate Weinstein, yet another wicked sociopath produced by the "Chosen" race.
-0.8176 Isn't that right, ))? *Bull-worshippers, Moneychangers and murderous thieves posing as pious people of the book.
-0.8126 military might object to the Zionist parasite agenda and its treasonous destruction of the U.S.
-0.8074 A lot of money-crazed rats and whores who want access to the massive filthy lucre produced by the fascist Zionist rackets.
-0.8074 The cabal can no longer threaten to destroy careers.
-0.802 Nothing worse than Jew stooge terrorists.