/u/Sdffcnt is kind of a dick.

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0.899 They can be a pacifist all they want and be ok dying for their beliefs BUT they should ask themselves if they're ok with innocent kids under their care dying for it too.
0.836 At any rate it's much easier than it should be and you're lucky I'm ethical.
0.8271 If your manager ends up in court - they don't get to send an attorney to small claims - and ends up looking like a buffoon, the dad could easily win.
0.8126 Perfect *American* English is far from perfect.
0.8075 Certain cars and trucks hold their value well, especially when they're not abused.
0.8074 Speaking of which, if you're lucky enough to have had close family who've been vetted for decent security clearance you're also vetted and get instant approval.
0.7783 Look up liberty vs rightful liberty.
0.7778 What's the slope and *the 95% confidence interval on it?* That's far more important than your R^2 value.
0.7672 LOL The coworkers are probably also proud of the nickname too.
0.7579 I ask because you can have detectable amounts from simply kissing or hugging a smoker.
0.7506 A couple grand loss today can help with insurance premiums and home loan interest rates tomorrow.

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-0.9531 They're suffering because some people are unethical and violent assholes who disregard rights and hurt innocent people.
-0.9246 The sad part is that you're thinking the bullshit you are when the evidence you're horribly wrong is staring you in the face.
-0.891 If they didn't have a kid on the way I'd say "do what you want." However, they have a responsibility to the kid they just selfishly, unethically brought into one hell of a shitty world.
-0.8826 The statistics are absolutely stupid shit when the scum researching them intentionally use them to deceive.
-0.8689 I become an evil asshole because they feel as if they're forever tainted by the evil thoughts I made them think and the way in which they thought them.
-0.8625 Your stupid ass was reckless and negligent."
-0.8481 All the world's problems are because people are stupid, selfish, and horny.
-0.8439 Telling lies and misleading people are absolutely unethical.
-0.836 Do they merely steal from you or do they murder you?
-0.833 !DisagreeWithOP I know religious people who don't proselytize in any way - beyond their kids I suppose - but are really fucked up nonetheless.
-0.8267 Few things are so wrong you can say no argument can be made for it.
-0.8074 Hell, I've technically committed fraud myself a couple times to get stuff done in college when I was on my brother's account; nothing ever came of it because I always paid for what I did.