/u/Samstradamus is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 I love going to church, and I love reading the Bible.
0.8481 Reading and brain games sound like a good way to keep appreciating my newfound ability to pay attention.
0.7899 Whether you care or not has no bearing on the fact that professionals know better than you.
0.7783 BTW for other people to pick up on the fact that you're joking, usually what you say needs to be funny or at least clever.
0.765 Asking her to jump was pretty dumb but the "I made great leaps forward, not little jumps in a studio" line was a cringe atom-bomb.
0.7506 Well the Reddit is Fun app now plays youtube videos through the app and not externally.
0.7269 Oh yeah I forgot that I have to check google to learn what the people I know as well as myself are attracted to.
0.7096 Just like if you find yourself unexpectedly needing to defend yourself you better hope you brought your gun that day.
0.7003 But I'm glad I got to make you feel powerful for a moment.
0.7003 If you happen to find yourself unexpectedly needing to use money then you better hope you brought your wallet that day.
0.6908 What do you hope to accomplish by continuing to talk to me?

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-0.9354 I am well aware of what promiscuity does to a society but I also think that slut shaming is just a way for shitty people to take out their aggression on someone who isn't any of their concern.
-0.8881 You're trying so desperately to come across as condescending but you're really coming across as insecure, not to mention just stupid in general.
-0.8319 And I can guarantee that you would turn into a little bitch if someone "joked around" by just saying racist shit about you.
-0.802 I said that you're labeling everyone who disagrees with you something negative because of *your* need to avoid cognitive dissonance.
-0.7734 It's no surprise, based off your first comment, that you're this bad at making an argument.
-0.7717 Risking killing people?
-0.765 All the charts that you showed didn't show the efficacy of slut shaming as it pertains to a decrease in promiscuity.
-0.7579 They hate him so much that they can't even make sense with their insults.
-0.7365 That explains why you're so crazy and unable to see where you went wrong in your line of "reasoning".
-0.7351 "I thought her actions were wrong until I remembered someone else doing something wrong and it completely excused her."
-0.6908 The real cringe is all the people in these comments believing his claim about him being the product of a date rape.
-0.6808 Feigning ignorance isn't the same thing as proving me wrong.