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0.9119 Very nice, love the style :D
0.8849 Thank, really helpful, looking like canon and a lens :)
0.8834 Lol My knife still looks better than the kara rust coats you gotta admit xD
0.8508 Thanks, this is really helpful :)
0.8481 [My pride and joy :) ] Nova launcher, moonshine, dash clock widget, material islands wallpaper
0.848 Looks amazing, if I ever did that I'd never be comfortable riding it and I'd have to hang the masterpiece up somewhere :)
0.8478 That looks amazing man, awesome job!
0.8455 Whatever you do this is going to look awesome :D
0.8126 Thanks, looking like canon and a lens then :)
0.8126 Mine's running perfectly, seriously loving it.
0.8004 If I don't smash it I feel like it's gonna last really well :)

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-0.9246 Seeing devil depictions and killing people in a video game is unlikely to affect everyday life, but seeing a sex scene is about what you think about, and avoiding it is about the inward sin.
-0.7353 So will the game fail to run with any less than 50gb, and if not, how much free space do i need as a Minimum?
-0.5719 I also added my own switch on the negative output of the battery.
-0.4896 Sorry, not really interested in case hardened knives, too hard to sell
-0.2846 It was probably one of the more tedious jobs I had to do and a bit of a pain but I did get through it after a bit.
-0.2732 I basically took a small hacksaw to it and cut a small slot for it to slip out bottom of the case.
-0.1531 As well as this the same problem comes with lenses.
-0.0772 Sorry, edited
-0.0516 I then stripped back a section of the battery wire on both charges and soldered them straight on to these ports.
-0.0258 I soldered on two wires on to the ports that the 9v power input receiver soldered on to, using its positive and negative ports without actually removing it.
0.0 I reckon there's a real possilbility I will.
0.0 Beatiful shots!