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0.875 It's amazing what an unspoken act of concern or affection can accomplish for someone else, especially when either one of you don't have the words to communicate the situation at that time.
0.8653 My very best thoughts to you and the rest of your loved ones!
0.8602 This is my favorite one so far, thanks very much for sharing!
0.8316 I love it, fantastic writing.
0.8166 Wonderfully composed, very moving , haha. Edit: And just in case you didn't know; if you want to begin a new line, you need to press Enter twice.
0.8126 There was a tiny part of me hoping that if this thread had gained enough traction, Sprog or another novelty account would have contributed their talents.
0.802 I hope when you feel you're ready to explore outside resources to heal and reorient yourself, this proves a bit helpful.
0.802 Yes, I agree, haha.
0.7901 That's amazing, thanks for recommending it!
0.7783 Such a versatile and horribly, wonderfully rich treat.
0.7755 There's also a subreddit named /r/whatsthisplant/ that in my experience has been very helpful and kind.

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-0.7783 I'm also sorry about the distress and effects the attack has had on you since then, however.
-0.7184 Also, it seems Tywin's predisposition towards Tyrion caused long-term, unresolved issues of long-held resentment and estrangement that only grew worse as years went by.
-0.6597 What does the Devil Burger consist of?
-0.659 I'm so sorry about your assault.
-0.6486 He takes killer profile pictures.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5423 I'm sorry that scary experience happened, did the guy offer an explanation to you after the fact?
-0.5095 Absolutely tragic.
-0.4767 Still hurts to this day.
-0.4601 I understand just a bit the fear and sense of deep violation you must have felt and I'm very happy that you were capable of preventing the attack from further escalating.
-0.4588 Sorry /u/jozoguy29, you lose this round.
-0.4019 I'm sorry about the mistake.