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0.92 Looks Healthy :) Best of good yeilds !
0.9118 Like about the time it took..and how stealthy was the packaging ? Best of luck for your grow :)
0.908 Ive had the best sessions with this bong..it a pretty solid piece ! Cheers.
0.891 :') enjoy your well grown buds :)
0.8746 I really love you for all the encouragement..you da best !
0.8689 But u smoke all the different kind of stuff and u generally ged a good idea that way.google up what good and bad weed looks like. Btw really good weed u have there. Cheers
0.8555 For a lil high price if can score a few good buds that can be amazing. Any help regarding the score ?
0.8555 Sure these are a few good ones...chech out any of the 8 inch dome percolaters..they are all the same with different colors.. I do own the bong 1 , i belive its best for the budget.
0.8381 And well not just the weed but yes it does count a big part. Thanks man
0.8251 Thank you for letting me know of the site..I wasnt aware of this one and yes really do have good collection !
0.8091 :P Best is still to smoke.

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-0.6705 They will pop like popcorn and destroy your joint and nothing else. But any ways ..id be rather more concerned about the bad headache..
-0.594 And how can i identify if it is laced? Why do they use rat poison ?
-0.4939 The metal of the keif compartment corroded and wasted my keif .
-0.4939 The dont have the THC in them..its mostly on the bud so why smoke something extra and cause the unnecessary extra damage to lungs.
-0.484 Try "No no no - The fat rat" ...i am trying to collect a few more of these that i love to hear when high but this one..damn the drop sends me to another world !
-0.4215 http://imgur.com/yoQyLP4 I guess ill need the 10cm length one..by the way do you have any experience with aliexpress..customs and all wont be an issue ?
-0.3774 ..i didnt get it :P
-0.296 Definitly no sources in India apart from what you will get in stuff.
-0.296 Although i have no clue about bit coins ..
-0.2732 or are you referring to the tobacco you use to cut stuff..?
-0.2023 Perhaps the bad picture quality, its definitely not mouldy.
-0.1779 Google it up its really simple and makes hell of a beautiful joint.