/u/Robertspringer is slightly positive.

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0.8932 Rick and Morty are so funny and I'm so awesome that it would make perfect sense, but it'd be even better if Bernie Sanders appeared.
0.8746 I just fucking love Rick and Morty, in the way that I fucking love science.
0.8625 Yes Yes Only if its in like NZ and some EU countries Yes
0.8622 If I met Rick and Morty I'd be sure to show them all those funny and awesome memes and more!
0.8519 My favorite character is Rick because his style of humor perfectly reflects that of Reddit.
0.8316 I'm a nice guy and I dress well so I just know I've got a good chance with her.
0.8173 The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE.
0.7003 I wish I could live in the Rick and Morty world and be their friends.
0.6697 ive gone to work directly with Joseph Manderley, more freedom than under George
0.6682 Everything would be really and cool and funny if I did.
0.6369 It has no benefits other than what the American middle class portrays it as amazing.

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-0.9169 bitch, slut, whore, thot /s
-0.8271 Do you have anything else other than your dumbass racism?
-0.765 when you make unironic rage comics you should instantly be banned from the internet
-0.7499 its much more stupid and not very clever
-0.7192 My mom says I have an unhealthy obsession with the show, but she just doesn't understand how funny it.
-0.7165 You must have low sodium levels from talking so much shit
-0.7003 And no shit that it has a higher GDP per capita, it's why I brought it up.
-0.6915 That's right Billy you gullible little bastard.
-0.6908 The crime rate of Hispanic immigrants is still lower.
-0.6908 How do you rape a continent?
-0.684 dumb tax reform doesnt count lol
-0.6808 They are fertile as hell.