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0.9099 That looks really awesome, you did a great job :) how did you do the tattoos?
0.8834 That's adorable, you did a great job :)
0.8834 This site does a pretty good job of explaining it, but at its core it's just a group of people who like anthropomorphic animals :)
0.8807 Thanks for the happy birthday wishes :)
0.875 Also your videos are great, I hope you keep making them :)
0.8735 Well, [this] *is* my favorite accessory but until my honor is restored I cannot wear it.
0.8718 If not, just listening to music would be great :) Thank you for doing these!
0.8555 This is the pattern I used, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dragon-scale-dice-bag-v2. They're pretty easy and fun to make.
0.8516 That looks amazing, I love that you brought Sir Reginald too!
0.8516 Haha thanks for the compliment!
0.8439 I love the Hart mounts, I feel like they suit my Elf very well.

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-0.7845 I immediately panicked and tried to find the source thinking I was going to die.
-0.6915 I actively try not to use my mount too much because I'm worried I'm missing good collectables, but sometimes I just can't help it :)
-0.6249 Noise is the worst for me.
-0.5232 It can be a bit difficult in the beginning, and sometimes things aren't explained well but I think it's a very well crafted game.
-0.4767 Do you still have another planets under attack?
-0.4199 That's ridiculous!
-0.34 This is the fire nation hoodie from the back http://imgur.com/UXkkd5J
-0.296 I just put a bunch of cloves in a bundle of tinfoil, no oil necessary, and roast at 400 for about 45 minutes.
-0.2732 Are you planning to cut out the eyes or can you see through them some how?
-0.2192 I've not seen one like it but it really makes it look like you stepped straight out of the game.
-0.1779 I've been there, I've walked out of more than one job in part due to anxiety.
-0.0717 I definitely recommend avoiding any spoilers you can I spoiled to much of my first souls experience and I very much regret that.