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0.8885 Happy to share for your pleasure ;)
0.8478 I like to feel like there's been some improvement ;) from the quality and to the way I hold myself!
0.8356 I believe it's what keeps us enthralled with it's beauty ;) Thanks Delta!
0.807 Elegant and beautiful!
0.807 Thanks Delta ;) I'm sure you'll notice straight away!
0.7906 I post for pleasure and fun, not the quirkiness of my titles.
0.7902 I felt like too much of a tease to not give a fair few tonight ;) Plus it's not so often I dress up flirty and mischievous like that anymore, so I thought I'd enjoy it!
0.7644 I like to think the clothes look good on me ;) I'd prefer someone else taking me off though!
0.7644 Thanks ;) They were a pain to draw on but worth the giggle!
0.75 ;) I love them, couldn't resist buying them!
0.743 I love the characters and celebrities that the continue to add as well.

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-0.6293 Door stopper, Scotland generally has little rubber bits screwed into the floor to stop the door slamming against the wall or Radiator.
-0.6115 Sorry it's so awkward to view ):
-0.4926 Tired and horny mostly!
-0.4753 Sadly not, as the name can't be linked to this account or sub!
-0.4215 Didn't change, the bow fell off ):
-0.4215 There's a Warhammer 40K LARP that runs in Scotland, yet I can't find the tie to attend ):
-0.4199 I understand they need to do it, it just sucks that it's happened!
-0.3818 Fuck me ;)
-0.3595 I've no subscribed!
-0.3182 Do you mean lack of it?
-0.3071 Sainsburys :) Usually a little more expensive, but when you're lying on it each night it's worth it.
-0.296 Nothing wrong with more hands getting involved ;)