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0.9452 You may think you don't have one but the little one you have is very cute =) As you get older that waist will auto fill in due to making more money and access to delicious foods.
0.8852 I would definitely be very happy fucking your sexy body.
0.8655 Great pics thx for sharing your loveliness!
0.855 Fantastic body especially love the hair!
0.8384 Definitely more fun being adventurist.
0.8356 Love the sexy mom bod!
0.8271 Definitely a great Monday ;)
0.8225 I am sure your new BF won't mind either, plus make sure to your ex how limp he is in the sack I am sure he will appreciate it.
0.8122 Great curves and cute butt!
0.802 You look gorgeous =)
0.8016 Based on your beautiful body, I am definitely glad you took these naked rash pics!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6124 No worries as you get older you will start to fill out.
-0.5562 I think you have another 50+ years before you hear anyone complaining and even then I doubt it!
-0.5423 I have a slight bend in my penis and never been told by a girl that I am with that its horrible.
-0.5106 I think your ex is an immature dick.
-0.4939 Your ex was a moron.
-0.4753 Freaking out standing!
-0.4023 Even if you weren't smoking, confidence goes a long way.
-0.4003 A confident woman is hot as hell!
-0.3612 They come in all shapes and sizes and I have never ever heard a male buddy complain about some girls nipples.
-0.3595 From that position how could I refuse either!
-0.3182 I looked for a long time trying to see something wrong, and after 2-3 min I still couldn't see anything wrong with your beautiful breast.
-0.2732 Realistically only gym people have one, and even then only those who are on low carb diets keep one.