/u/Ravelife13 is kind of a dick.

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0.9303 Surprised he didnt get fired for accepting a gift from students these days. ATT would fire the shit outta an employee for taking a gift from anyone.
0.8674 Show me the approach, how did she befriend a giant, hungry, wild wolf that this animal is clearly not. How about an honest title: Check out this pretty wolf.
0.8236 Or just jump into a volcano to appease the gods and be an hero forever instead of a fuckin nobody rippin off reddit content for points that dont mean shit, ever
0.8172 Well, he DID stop an arrow with his bare hand that was gonna hit him in the face. Maybe hed have done awesome!
0.8169 for sure tho, if your argument was the fbi had bad data, go with that, but like most people you are way more interested in winning an imaginary fight than you are learning anything.
0.7579 oh good mental health is linked to happiness?
0.6951 then about 50 million mexicans showed up and started doing shit work for a dollar an hour and being a real carpenter has zero value as a trade in most states. but GOOD FIR YIUUUU
0.6808 Got me there lol, lucky dude either way I bet his heart was racing.
0.6705 pretty sure they have his schlong pickled.
0.6597 that is a good point i falied to consider, thank you for the correction
0.6378 I tested in the top 1 to 2 percent on every test including IQ tests and I am a fucking idiot so I think the president of Duterte is a huge, huge optimist.

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-0.9292 Kids learn or they dont but judging by this fucking shit hole idiocracy is here and it because we coddled stupid people. Stop fucking catering to dummies in life.
-0.8689 propaganda laws were repealed by him and then they complain about fake news now he wants to get rid of the fucking first amendment and most of yall fuckwads cheer for it. burn you stupid fucks
-0.8655 The crime was there, they made more gun laws, the crime went up.
-0.8651 i cant fuckin remember that far back, not sure if you know this, but mostly people are not nice to men unless they have women and kids with them. all that privaledge talk is fuckin bullshit
-0.8625 Waiter threatened to call cops on us when we sent a plate of uncooked shrimp back to the kitchen. Not a lot more to it, really, the guy was fuckin weirdly rude and crazy.
-0.8625 They do not have the right to fuck with you with regards to medical issues and even saying the wrong thing can land them in serious trouble.
-0.8448 If ya dont support income for people who have no income due to automation you basically support those people either resorting to criminal activity or starvation.
-0.836 oh so the usa finally noticed saudia are evil as fuck, took a while didnt it
-0.8271 why the fuck would you bank with criminals, get a credit union and ditch mega crook corporations or this is what you get and worse
-0.8225 I wish I died before I became a bitter cunt. Seriously.
-0.8176 Remember to keep all comments dishonest and within the rules of the bullshit reddit game.
-0.802 what a fuckin revalation news at 11: shit smell linked to shit