/u/Random_Link_Roulette is kind of a dick.

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0.9067 Good satire, not rage inducing, got a good laugh and it was 6/10 believeable...
0.9062 Also if there was something on top, the part of the pages would have crumbled away to the stubs of thr clean part because burnt paper is super super britle.
0.8765 Trashes on her about TiL but uses lol and lmao and emojis.
0.8519 Since my dads passed, ive jad the best nights sleep with my great dane snuggle up next to me.
0.836 Its actually a cool movie if you just watch it for the fun of a fun movie ya know
0.8176 Its his gun and if it makes him happy then awesome, its done well.
0.802 Guns are good, guns protect us, guns are conductive to healthy life.
0.7906 "Alright, its good but to finish it off, im gonna just insert a happy little penis right down here..."
0.7789 Thou shall not kill a bitch.
0.765 I hope he sues and wins a hefty paycheck.
0.7351 Its pretty much a 3rd with blisters that large honestly.

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-0.9442 Kill them? But on a serious note, i have no sympathy for looters who die looting other peoples shit in a tragedy like this.
-0.9403 Punishment in private is no where near as bad as seeing how much a lil bitch you are by getting called out by your parents then either getting punished or following rules.
-0.9366 Bruh stop being a bitch, just because you made bad choices in life that led you to not be rich doesnt mean other people cant show off content just cus their rich.
-0.9052 And I know its NOT this but she would be wrong even if right, snuff is killing someone on film.
-0.8866 Bring the downvotes but you see this shit more at black majority schools, get off you PC high horses and understand the real problem.
-0.875 He came out mad, verbally assaulting me and so i told him to fuck the right off and that i had a pizza order for that door.
-0.8658 Get fucked nigger
-0.8622 You gonna tell the kid that got raped "its your fault this happened, you kept showing your diaper while going down the slide!" Like jesus fuck dude, no...
-0.8464 I don't need "proof" because its known facts that blacks are causing more crime and violence than whites per how many are actually here...
-0.836 Fuck out of here faggot.
-0.7964 She bout to call the Planateers to fuck some shit up.
-0.7783 If you are too stupid to figure this out your self, then you are too stupid to believe any answer other than "inside job"