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0.836 My one friend had his dad's shotgun, and my other friend had a decent amount of property, like 15 acres so nobody would notice if we did this.
0.836 Sometimes it works out great, like this one huge order we had got brought back, so I just took a bunch of it and ate it for a week.
0.8225 The guy had an impressive resume, seemed friendly, well dressed, etc.
0.8126 If you don't know the song, it is about 20 minutes long so it is the best bang for your buck at a bar, and I pretty much dominated the jukebox for over 3 hours.
0.8126 I knew several tenants smoked weed in their apartments but they were cool and the one guy used to invite me over for parties he was having all the time.
0.7543 I was going to confront him, but he was never home when I was so I decided it would be best to just smash his mailbox.
0.745 And yes, I'm aware the Sixers play there too, but I don't give a flying fuck about basketball.
0.743 My best friend in jail for the next 40 years and my other friend is dead.
0.7351 I assumed it was just another piece of trash or something, but I figured I'd check it out, in case it was something cool like that one time I found a whole case of cheap white wine back there.
0.7269 I thought we were cool, but I noticed that he doesn't make my drinks as strong as he used to.
0.7269 I bought it anyway, and it ended up tasting pretty good.

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-0.9037 I don't think it was a noise complaint, but rather this cunt of a girl that was just angry that she wasn't invited.
-0.8957 I was pissed at the cops because they had pepper sprayed everyone during a celebration riot for beating Ohio State three weeks earlier.
-0.8957 I had to end up washing my hands in that tub with the squeegee for wiping windshields, but that water was nasty as shit.
-0.8885 For like two weeks straight, he would try to whistle "The Stranger" by Billy Joel but he fucked it up horribly.
-0.8885 When I was living with my ex girlfriend, she would always have that shit in the fridge next to the regular cream cheese, and I would constantly put the wrong one on my bagel and ruin it.
-0.8807 He didn't say anything but there is no way in hell he didn't hear it.
-0.8779 His wife was pretty pissed about that, but I think bowls with fake fruit in them are the dumbest thing ever.
-0.8779 One time I even gave one to a drunk guy we arrested in exchange for him shutting the hell up.
-0.875 They didn't have any slack because the idiot at Home Depot that cut them for me didn't know what the hell he was doing.
-0.875 That stupid fuck would always get the cheapest fake ID he could find and they never worked.
-0.875 The only thing that sucked was when I would walk there at 3 AM, drunk and hungry as hell, only to find out that they closed early.
-0.8728 I was completely stoked to see the band , but I got so fucked up that I don't remember any of the concert.