/u/Rabanomen is kind of a dick.

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0.8388 being shirtless in a gym without look a scumbag ), with the great feeling that you did by yourself.
0.8225 Except from this one that I find it pretty funny, Im starting to get bored to see every single Rich Piana video in this sub.
0.7269 Actually im just about to desuscribe unsubscribe - thanks for teaching me english, reddit (: - myself from it.
0.7003 Ok this guy is my hero.
0.6705 So i will reduce the amount of carbs, thank you :)
0.6369 Hahaha I updated yesterday when you notified me the mistake :)
0.6369 I did my best.
0.6369 For me works like a charm
0.6369 Works like a charm
0.6124 "Mike Tyson' is a common energy drink in Poland, and according the curtains, and classy furniture I'd say he's the typical 'kurwa boy' a.k.a.
0.5994 congratulations

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-0.9531 Go all fuck yourself ... - These bastards mother fuckers are messing my day disgusting jerk ...
-0.9369 mother fuckers dirty fucking bag disgusting fuckers, the force by the force ...
-0.8763 Ive got groin injury after 4 weeks with SL 5x5 I really want to keep training but the pain in my pubis its quite annoying.
-0.875 You're disgusting - Go all fuck yourself, you're worse than gypsies .
-0.8658 Sorry if I sound dumb but, what the hell that means?
-0.8653 where the hell are my glasses fucking bastard ... - Go to you're car and stay there !
-0.8316 go fuck you're self mother fucker hit me you too ...
-0.8221 Go fuck yourself, son of a bitch ... - You already know it !
-0.8217 I'll fuck you're cousin, fuck me !!
-0.8 go all fuck yourself ... - Clarify, or the road is for cyclists or for fucking cars, clarify disgusting, youre invading the fucking road ...
-0.7351 If the unit system is wrong is because you are using wrong.