/u/RMAR_Devastator is a total dick!

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0.7845 He's my dad and he is a great guy and I love the hell out of him, and repect and honesty are the driving factors.
0.6705 Pretty sure its partially Connery.
0.6521 Anyone half decent at video games can stand a chance. Expecting a new player to not get shit on by players who have played for years is honestly fucking retarded.
0.6486 Hello please choose me :)
0.6369 infantry, they tickle vehicles at best.
0.5719 AP won hands down and every new player started with HEAT.
0.5719 Happy birthday.
0.5719 No jokes here cube, people are upvoting you because they think you are super srs
0.5591 The valk shouldnt be surviving against dedicated A2A like it was before, even before the engineer repair cap.
0.5157 They are all usable, but not broken.
0.4404 HEAT is better at DPS.

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-0.9565 Every post on this sub is now CAI this CAI that I hate it I hate it waaah waaah waaah Wrel sucks this game is dead and fuck you.
-0.9538 No, fuck off, horn spam is cancer and Halloween horns are AIDS ear rape
-0.8588 Vit, stop posting,you are the biggest retard on this sub and /r/emeraldps2 and its the gayest fucking shit.
-0.8205 In what game do new players NOT get shit on thats an MMO or FPS? If new players will still get shit on by your words, what will change then?
-0.8074 These posts are beating a dead horse.
-0.8074 Big difference between hate tells and rage tells boyo
-0.7845 They are on harassers and were far worse as a balance issue than the main cannons.
-0.7811 The PPA still isnt very strong, the canister is usable but lacks sustainability, and the marauder can group kill but not accurately spam from range.
-0.7786 HESH isnt nearly good at killing tanks as AP is, since the velocity is a wet paper towel.
-0.7547 Its their game and their decision, you dont have to like it but this sub is going shit in the meantime.
-0.7506 Apparently to some CAI is the devil incarnate and saying you like anything in it makes you a bad influence for the game xdd
-0.7274 Of course vehicle mains hate it because all of a sudden there isnt an overtly better meta loadout.