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0.8986 Monday is now officially my favorite day of the week <3 I didn't think it'd turn out *that* good :P
0.8877 I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, I just hope it wasn't too confusing with multiple characters involved
0.8834 Looks like sooner than I expected, haha, glad you liked them
0.8777 true, but it's still fun to give you a little incentive ;)
0.82 I honestly didn't think it was going to last this long when I posted the first one, but I keep getting requests for it :D
0.8074 Thanks, I like adding the little details that give the audio a better sense of realism
0.7964 hope you enjoyed ;)
0.7783 Haha, thanks ;)
0.7574 thanks, I've really enjoyed doing this series, I wonder what the next one might be
0.75 I changed a few settings on my mic so hopefully the audio quality got a bit better
0.7269 thanks, my personal tastes are pretty varied so i try to keep the same kind of variety in my audios

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-0.5423 I'll have to record some bad growls then
-0.4404 try the tutor incentive audio, library molestee, and if you want something hardcore the make a man out of you rape audio
-0.296 no problemo
-0.1695 you never know ;)
-0.1695 oh you wouldn't dare ;)
-0.0772 it's nice to let that frustration build up to a boiling point and then let it all out
0.0 Reupload here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX7K29lCRIg
0.0 ooh, maybe a zombie audio
0.0 i'll just have to do an all evil-laugh audio then
0.0 i've been meaning to pepper in a dash of the Tailor audio into something recent
0.0 i may need to consider doing a sequel in the future
0.0 i'd rather let your imagination fill in the gaps