/u/Punkassrookiebitch is a total dick!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.6369 The greatest moment in the history of wrestling.
0.6249 That's awesome.
0.6249 JBL is great.
0.5562 Hooray for Norway!
0.5379 Pizza stuffed with a burrito it's so fucking good.
0.4404 Good riddance.
0.432 It's called not being a little bitch.
0.3919 Trust me, the guy I'm referring to doesn't "feel bad" in the slightest about his crime.
0.3182 Are you a Knick fan or not?
0.2732 Well you don't know what you're talking about then.
0.25 He had a dream.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8957 I hope you kill yourself you evil piece of shit.
-0.8807 He deserves no pity you sick fuck
-0.8709 Kill some more of those fuckers.
-0.8519 What the fuck stop breaking kayfabe you fat shit.
-0.8271 Haha no one would ever try to rape her, wtf.
-0.8176 They should be tortured until they die.
-0.8074 Shut the fuck up bitch
-0.802 This piece of shit deserves to be tortured and executed.
-0.7964 Dumb bitch.
-0.7906 Fuck Albert Einsten and fuck you.
-0.7765 He was supposed to be a leader but instead he was a malcontent who never made anyone better and never contributed to winning.
-0.7506 Sick fucks.