/u/ProvenMarine is kind of a dick.

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0.9517 A best friend of mine growing up met a few new friends in high school that convinced him he was betraying his heritage by excelling in school and having friends of other races.
0.8689 This is sweet and I can only hope to ever be loved this much.
0.8338 Or the double standard that PC gamers live in their moms basements are fat and have acne but console gamers are cool and sophisticated connoisseurs of video games.
0.7964 He went from the smartest kid in the class with the highest grades and greatest potential to a drop out sophomore year.
0.6908 So there is a lot to fix besides just giving up on a free market.
0.6901 I really hope to have someone write like that about me one day.
0.6682 So she'd love you more
0.6059 If we don't they WILL harm innocents.
0.5994 He loved that game.
0.5994 Congratulations videos.
0.5994 I have a lot of friends that are borderline socialists they are so left wing and they enjoy fire arms for hunting and protection.

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-0.9153 People against the constitution also forget that for the last several decades crime and violent crime have been dropping.
-0.9062 Even though these attacks are always crazy people that had warning signs attacking soft targets where guns are restricted completely.
-0.8885 No law or ban or anything will stop people with mental health issues from doing bad things.
-0.8519 Stop focusing on tools and start blaming the people who do violent things.
-0.8054 I am not sure what Americans believe war should look like and that their reactions to the reality of war really hamstrings the military.
-0.802 However publicly humiliated people tend to do desperate things and lives will suffer as a result.
-0.7964 The world is a fucked up place, people are fucked up and need help.
-0.7906 Bad drivers are usually bad at steering their own life too.
-0.7906 Crime rates are going down nationally and the reporting of crime is going up exponentially.
-0.7783 This one sounds like they just said:"So people that die of cancer eat meat.
-0.7783 Violence is the problem.
-0.7783 Weapons can be removed after death to make a scene look more civilian so their goals are met either way.