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0.8858 It was super fun, thanks to everyone who joined!
0.8689 When I got him a little sister, he spent the first week or two hating her, but now they're best friends.
0.8591 :) thank you Xoxo
0.8481 Awesome title, and awesome business owner.
0.8452 It feels so good when you find amazing deals!!
0.8439 Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed!
0.8217 And someone else to get his energy out with :) if you decide to get another, I really hope that they get used to each other quickly!
0.802 Haha, I love this
0.784 Ahh you're awesome, thank you!
0.7717 I appreciate it xoxo
0.75 I pretty much only wear sports bras in my time off, sounds good!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6476 No worries!
-0.4186 I felt the same way to be honest- i felt so bad, since he was always alone when I was working..but now he has a cuddle buddy when I'm gone!
-0.4003 **11:09, $12** - [Ass Shaking Vibrator Play] I give you a nice view of my ass before fucking myself with my mini vibrator and cumming all over it!
-0.3595 Who says that you have to stop at one?!
-0.3321 My boy has always been very skittish and nervous, especially around other animals.
-0.296 **Kik For Later** * No time for a session?
-0.1725 Glad you think so, I'm a sucker for red lacy lingerie..
0.0 Come to the next one!!
0.0 I should be back on very soon !
0.0 Sounds about right.
0.0 I thought it was just that you can't be naked in your profile picture for Twitter?
0.0 There are a lot more, I just need to narrow them down..!