/u/Poutineandpepsi is kind of a dick.

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0.8746 I fucking love what you did there and would love to get to hear it.
0.8258 First time seeing noah fence, fucking great haha.
0.6808 Im pretty high when I play this game tbh
0.6779 The old nsx is so fucking gorgeous.
0.6705 If that shit is really one of the best you've played, I recommend expanding your horizons, mate.
0.6566 This is so fucking amazing my dude.
0.6369 Best warehouse in the game.
0.5178 I just think you'd look better if you didn't exaggerate your eyebrows so much to try and make a piercing stare.
0.4939 Seriously lmao
0.4926 Thanks for that!
0.4926 Wow, what a solid argument!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9024 You can always fuck off and stop playing if you don't like it, you whiney bitch
-0.89 Holy shit this killed me!!
-0.875 Man, shut the fuck up you goddamn loser.
-0.8481 Tuesday I got the same shit on my thumb from a defect screw that broke while I was drilling.
-0.8074 Fuck off ffs
-0.7964 It's a shit, boring, overhyped indie game at the price of a triple A title, with missing features and asshole dev tem.
-0.7003 No shit, you're unemployed.
-0.7003 Stop clogging the subreddit with shitty "What X should I X'' questions...
-0.6814 He meant it wasn't funny you daft cunt.
-0.6249 This is the worst looking weed i've ever seen.
-0.5984 Roads are fucking shit.
-0.5719 Are you retarded?