/u/Porphyrogennetos is kind of a dick.

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0.895 50 hours for a first draft on a really great novel is an amazing accomplishment.
0.8126 should honestly annex profitable provinces like Alberta, if anything. Canada will break up and balkanize as a nation far before the U.S.
0.8016 Keeping true to your name I see, great work!
0.7964 Trust me. Well I'm convinced
0.7935 All these people getting mad at Youtube videos is the real comedy. It's cringey, and retarded, but from outside looking in, I can laugh at it. Thanks everyone.
0.7003 Good to know, thanks.
0.6369 There's definitely a false sense of importance.
0.6249 It only works in a homogeneous society, and only then with great effort.
0.6249 Great copy pasta bro
0.6125 It's only because she's attractive and absolutely no other reason. She certainly hasn't *done* anything worthy of any praise.
0.6124 Well done good goy.

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-0.9687 No there wasn't and most of them were terrible. People love to bring up Boudicca, but if you actually read about her story, she was a fucking insane murderous cunt and a terrible leader.
-0.9438 That's some ol' racist bullshit. "If it's not made by an indigenous person, it's meaningless" The very definition of racism.
-0.8098 Can you argue the point without being a dipshit? Your gang of two bullshit is retarded.
-0.7845 "You can't be on the show, the other child murderers here will get upset" - BBC
-0.7845 No, they'll just kill you
-0.7736 She didn't say "all fire fighters make 150k" either, so shut the fuck up with your bullshit
-0.7506 You cherry picked an out of context remark, and then insulted him, and he's the terrible debater? Jesus Christ.
-0.6908 This country is fucked if they win. Every NDP government has been an unmitigated disaster.
-0.6486 Using the words of a dead man that can't be verified.
-0.6486 Every woman that has had an abortion is a child killer.
-0.6369 Nah, he went over there to join them, his wife went and then he got disillusioned, tried to leave and they either captured him before or after he tried to escape. The whole thing is a crock of shit.
-0.6124 Guerrilla Warfare has beaten just about every large organized state army since its invention.