/u/Poorfag is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 I wish you much luck in your Pokemon adventures my friend.
0.8591 Sure it was absolutely the right thing to do at that time, but good luck getting reelected if your did.
0.8521 He's pretty much this generation's Itzhak Rabin, he is not scared of anybody and would be an excellent PM.
0.8479 Absolutely superb, I expect it will probably win a Pulitzer in the near future. I didn't find it here, I am a paid subscriber of the NYT and read it every day at the office.
0.8074 I don't know if that's true I'm not a lawyer and I have never even been to court in my life, I was just curious after my friend told me that
0.7964 If any of you have any other good subreddits you visit I'd love to hear about them.
0.765 I'd love to go but there is no way I'll go to Mitzpe by bus lol, those days are gladly over
0.7645 Their educational materials are extremely good for beginners and it will allow you to actually start trading and see if you like it.
0.7506 Last elections within a period of 60 days the government fell, new elections were called, three brand new political parties were created and two of them ended up being in the coalition party.
0.7003 Good article, thanks for posting
0.6705 I just want to mention to anyone reading this comment that this is the best article I have ever read in my life.

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-0.9201 No shit Americans are so divided, you have to suffer through an entire year of political bullshit every four years.
-0.8885 Joining an army that fights an unjust war is certainly an immoral act for anyone, for any reason.
-0.8779 Apparently muslim terrorism knows no boundaries. Stay strong people, stop talking about fucking r/news for a second and focus on the actual tragedy
-0.8723 He said the vast majority of people arrested either plead guilty for lower charges, aren't charged at all for lack of evidence, or are simply found not-guilty.
-0.8402 That's a choice we have to make, but I reject the claim that this is done because of prejudice, on the contrary, this is done only because if it wasn't women athletes would not exist.
-0.8316 I do believe that if it is immoral to steal while you're healthy and happy it is still immoral to steal in order to feed your starving family.
-0.8313 What about my brother in law who really dislikes Arabs, am I allowed to punch him in the mouth to stop his fascist speech from spreading?
-0.8169 Two reasons: One, as I am a native Spanish speaker, using singular they sounds absolutely horrible to me, like a horrible grammatical mistake.
-0.7981 And I say this as someone who served in the armed forces of a country that isn't particularly well known for fighting just wars, I'm not simply talking in hypothetical situations here
-0.7764 So ok let's ban fascists from speaking, who is a fascist?
-0.7692 Once you realize you do you can start getting deeper resources, but you have to start from somewhere and there is nothing better than free.
-0.7269 That does not mean it is incorrect or wrong to do so, it just means it is immoral.