/u/PolishPeopleAreGross is kind of a dick.

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0.8074 The new girl is pretty awesome.
0.8074 Pretty awesome stuff.
0.7906 Her friends and her boyfriend were like "who the fuq" and got security.
0.7579 My good friend had weirdo psychosis and I'd imagine is going back to treatment after his 72 hour hold, and my normal friend moved across the country.
0.7269 works pretty good.
0.6486 Going on like 15 minutes, lol.
0.6369 I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
0.6124 Making her my ex was the smartest decision I've made in a while.
0.5994 plus we're super white and that's probably the only exposure she had to minorities...
0.5719 Your family loves you unconditionally.
0.5719 I need a fucking theme song. EDIT: and happy birthday, buddy.

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-0.9477 I always heard it, from my dad, as, "You can cut down a thousand trees and not be a lumberjack, but suck one dick and you're a cocksucker for life."
-0.9477 You can cut down 1000 trees and not be a lumberjack, but if you suck one dick you're a cocksucker for life.
-0.9201 The surgeon walked in like, "Holy shit, you're going to die of cancer, why haven't we already fixed this?" and scheduled me for a procedure damn near immediately.
-0.8979 "Hurry up you Hoosier bastard, I could kill 10 men while you're fooling around." -Carl Panzram
-0.891 Unless dying a terrible death, with feeding tubes and shit, is your cup of tea.
-0.8858 I got very drunk, threw up on my bedroom floor, and when my girl came in to check on me, i shakily got up, pulled my dick out, and pissed on and at her, laughing maniacally the whole time.
-0.8503 You might be okay 99% of the time, you might never hurt anyone or wreck your car, or even be noticeably drunk, but when you get caught, that pesky fucking 1%, they fuck you over goodlike.
-0.8338 it still sucks cock, but you get used to the cold, soul crushing, suicidal ideation inspiring, monotony of sobriety...
-0.8333 I've never seen an entire star wars movie, but this damn near brought me to tears.
-0.8271 Yo momma such a stupid whore, someone told her to do the robot and now r2d2 has aids.
-0.8225 I broke up with her a few weeks later because she was a life ruining bitch.
-0.8074 fuck that bitch, indeed.