/u/PolioChild67791 is very positive!

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0.9875 One of us One of us.... Jk man, loved your post, so kind its super sweet :3 we love you too <3 we welcome anyone interested in the way of the plush!!!
0.9704 Hmmm, I love Dear Friend a bunch, but I have to say Baby I'm Amazed, definitely my favorite :P
0.9628 Oh AaaThrowie's gonna love you :3 hey there, love to see you join this sub, it's a great place to express whatever your feeling!
0.9447 Really appreciate such a detailed explanation, helps a ton :D thank you so much :D
0.9426 Haha, loving the "good cop bad cop" thing goin on :P soooo adorable :3
0.9413 Love the style and everything, pretty awesome :3
0.9288 Hope you find your home here, very cozy lol :P and if you ever want someone to talk to, my inbox is always open :D see you around
0.9246 Mine had a speaker press thing that said "I love you" in a cute high pitched voice :3 good times hehe
0.9206 Lol the horses eyes makes it look like its in heaven XD
0.9173 And yeah, I'd call it an addiction too, at least for myself, cause if you cant go one night without a plush, you have a problem XD hope you like it here, and enjoy your stay!
0.9112 haha, reminds me of when I got home, just spent the evening out lying in bed with mine watchin some netflix :P brilliant end to a good day :P

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-0.7935 Good basis to make small talk, but continuing it rudely is just ugh
-0.7783 DIE! I summon this thing!!!
-0.7385 it seems you have but been made a FOOL!
-0.6697 It was odd though cause basically only her paws were the really dirty parts.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5023 Yeah, it seems goofy at first glance, but its nothing for him to worry about if he understands how much it means to ya.
-0.4939 Now dont be or feel ashamed about your interest in the world of plush, cause that will make it worse on ya, instead, understant that at the end of the day, it all revolves around you.
-0.4215 Ill definitly try to get some soon.
-0.4019 damn, I never really thought about it that way.
-0.34 sambo9778 shoot me a msg, always down to talk ^w^
-0.3182 Granted im only 19, i can see how scary and embarrassing situations like these can be, for about 6 years ive been silent about this stuff fot that reason.
-0.2732 Do you guys ever drop Doritos for Bobo?