/u/PoPeMunky is very positive!

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0.9413 Haha thanks dude, tried hard to share the calm wonder i feel playing this game :) Glad it worked ;P
0.936 Yeah that was a fun dooling party, love those moments <3
0.9231 Aaaah the glorious PPA <3 Your skillz impress me sir, Oh the memories :')
0.913 That's top quality noise ;D Have confidence dude your a good pilot, proof is in the vid :P
0.9078 Nothing more satisfying than charging into a tomcat face first and then 1 clipping the poor sod :') Yay freedom of choice!
0.886 It just feels the perfect mix between all round effectiveness and funzies. I think it excels in the 'fun' department :]
0.8842 This made the Eclipse feel like a pure upgrade while also training me in the use of the under barrel XD But the main reason i'll keep using this over other guns is the pure 'fun factor'.
0.8814 Woo, TCFB doing stuff :D Dayum Nice cap!
0.8652 Logitech Extreme 3D pro :) Pretty easy to set up too! Just plug in the stick, download 'JoytoKey' at http://joytokey.net/en/ Tweak your sensetivity/keybinds and your all set!
0.855 Yeah, been enjoying quite afew epic moments recently!! Servers still has plenty of life :]
0.8494 i love you :D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.745 :O Jezuz christ that was violent!
-0.7067 Nah that was Animals as leaders Sleep Makes Waves are friggn sick tho!!!! Might go see em in march
-0.6908 Just realised your still probably my most sort after a2a kill
-0.69 Awsome, thought i'd missed out :'( Be there tonight!
-0.6808 Sorry dude, music says no :<
-0.6571 Ayye thanx man, you whooped my ass more than a few times!!!
-0.636 That shot of the galaxy falling was sick!
-0.5473 Too distracted by the bootifulness :O
-0.5411 Striker Valk is scary dudes!
-0.4939 such feelz :'(
-0.4767 aww, dammit song :<
-0.4694 Tuuuuuune! Sick kills with the skillz man :D