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0.9416 So glad this worked out so well for you :) This makes my heart skip and jump with joy :)
0.9341 Took me a while to get there, but it has given me a new ability to love others, so I can't really spite it.
0.9268 That's a really fun and stimulating dynamic. All that to say, I was in love with that woman.
0.9256 I'm thankful for really really good books and stunning dramas and I'm thankful for the Arena Theatre.
0.9251 :P Your simple words of encouragement often make me smile, and the compassion that is evident in everything you write makes my heart glad.
0.9081 Best gift any girlfriend's ever gotten me was the letter my college sweetheart wrote me.
0.9022 Not my thing, but I love writing about what I care about.
0.9009 When you find the person you truly love, you can't help but want them to be happy no matter what happens, even if that means happy without you.
0.897 I truly believe she is full of joy where she is at, and that makes me so glad!
0.8885 :) I'm glad it sounds like you've got your bases covered :)
0.8885 I am thankful for opportunities that have arisen to pursue what I love.

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-0.8338 So I realized that if I don't extend love to somebody, really I am being dishonest with my purpose.
-0.8022 If I don't love someone, I break things off before I love someone else, and I would love to find someone worthy of the long haul.
-0.7469 There is one member of the group I will probably share it with, but if I can avoid bringing her shame by telling everyone I will.
-0.743 It terrifies me that people with a mental illness might be so stigmatized that people would respond to them in such a dystopian manner.
-0.6808 Nervous that words will bleed, wanted to get this on my arm a long time ago: http://imgur.com/PVQoU1Q 2) Dating an ISTP was bad for me.
-0.6808 Conversely, usually if I say something to someone, I mean the hell out of it.
-0.666 It is not cowardly, but your assumption is wrong: You are worth fighting for.
-0.6641 You can't convince them to fall for you by changing who you are: that's manipulative and dishonest.
-0.6249 If you need to scale back and grow independently after you've been together, that is brutal.
-0.5984 In my life, I've only ever cut out one person, and it was one of the more difficult things I've done in my life.
-0.5859 That's some bullshit that's got nothing to do with types.
-0.5719 I hate to think that she could have intentionally behaved this way to be manipulative...