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0.9191 I can't think of any original way of asking for a invite so I'll just say I'd love to get one and promise to pay it forward :D
0.9127 The first half is full of energy but then everything starts to get slower, especially the last 3 tracks. Hope you like these :)
0.9011 I've only played with it for an hour but I'm pretty happy with how it sounds so far.
0.8979 Sounds like a good idea, hope I can get an invite :) Question: once you have Inbox, how many invites do they give you?
0.8945 I'd love to have a small stone but right now it's a little bit pricey for me and for what I've seen, the behringer actually sounds pretty good considering its price.
0.8807 Then a friend of mine recommended me other albums by him, Sketches Of Spain, Birth of the Cool and Ascenseur pour l'chafaud and I loved those and that basically changed my opinion on Miles Davis.
0.8597 My board is currently under construction :D I have an overdrive on the way and it would be really nice if I could add a tremolo as well!
0.8591 It makes me smile like all my dreams had come true.
0.8573 I only have one amp so I can't try it in stereo but it's good to know what kind it does.
0.8553 I've been looking for a looper that doesn't break the bank and I also have some EHX pedals which I'm quite happy with so the 360 and 720 seem like good options.
0.8516 And for a 30 year old pedal, it seems to be holding up pretty well. I'll definitely check some other choruses and mod delays when I have the chance!

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-0.5719 Which EHX looper did you buy and why did you hate it?
-0.5255 And I used to think chorus was a "simple" effect, man was I wrong!
-0.5106 If so, have you been through any stressful situation?
-0.4833 You can do a lot already with what you got and even though you can use your DD7 as a looper, there's only so much you can do with 40 seconds, and worst of all, you can't use the delay.
-0.4019 It's still hard to get high res images from the film so these were all taken from the different featurettes available on youtube, hence the lack of diversity.
-0.4019 It's insane that they're releasing a new album.
-0.4019 Is this the first time you have trouble sleeping?
-0.3658 And I use the Delay knob to control the "flavour", if that makes sense. As for hearing the comb-filtered sound, I just turn the Depth down, if I don't want to hear much of it.
-0.3597 "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams For some reason, this one always makes me laugh.
-0.3595 I had no idea there was a coloured edition for each album!
-0.3182 Though I've never tried to set Delay and Depth all the way up, for some reason that sounds counter intuitive.
-0.3182 Some of the many meanings of the yellow color are duplicity and jealousy which are themes present on the film.