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0.8533 Atletico - Bayern is wednesday, so not THAT bad but almost all Champions League teams play on saturday or friday.
0.8271 Liverpool is just on a good run winning matches easily.
0.7267 It's impossible to have a completely fair system because you can't really compare attackers to defenders
0.6319 But considering this is group stage, a draw in Germany without wasting too much energy will be fine
0.5719 Happy he scored today
0.5315 I like the fair ratings, they don't care about hurting feelings.
0.4449 When I was in elementary school we didn't give a shit about politics
0.4404 This is the real Matic I guess, good Matic was a fluke
0.4019 Yes Capoue gets subbed in for Firmino
0.4019 Not interesting
0.368 Wait Stuttgart is not Bundesliga Should loan our guys to TOP CLASS leagues

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-0.7964 kill it with fire
-0.7579 Decent stats for Juve but they dominate the fuck out of that league.
-0.7184 We lost to Monaco hard idiot
-0.6908 lallana is kill
-0.6908 No players bought, bad trainer, season over.
-0.628 Never realised it was this bad.
-0.5719 Are you retarded
-0.5719 0 European cups, pathetic.
-0.5574 The nigger is way too old to play a high school student, seriously.
-0.5574 His crosses are shit anyway
-0.5574 Antonio is shit and so is West Ham at the moment