/u/Perry_Griggs is kind of a dick.

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0.8641 Sure, but the US Navy just improved tactics on the usage of missiles and got way better results.
0.8473 Wow, you really have great points.
0.7964 This is literally all about having respect for your fellow man, and you just say "good" when one dies. That's the shit that boggles my mind.
0.7717 I'm going to guess you're an Ice fan if you think he's salty from that comment. Edit: Yep, pretty much exclusively posts on the Ice subreddit.
0.7269 They do a pretty good job generally.
0.7269 I find it funny that so many people think the only way you can care in this situation is by "pretending".
0.7264 surely this will be highly entertaining.
0.7217 United Nations Security Council is nowhere near as cool as United Nations Space Command.
0.6794 More like "I don't really have anything to back up my bigotry, so I'm just going to act like it's a really complicated thing that you couldn't possibly understand".
0.6671 Apparently, if you don't fight in Europe, you might as well not fight at all.
0.6501 Lets say there was a kid running around with a gun, but not explicitly threatening people but just having fun running around with a gun.

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-0.943 That's fucked up. Believe me, I understand better than most the dangers of idiot drivers, but it doesn't mean I give less of a shit when they die.
-0.9287 The black racist arguing with the white racist in that thread is funny as hell. Edit: [mfw] people on SRD think
-0.9239 People never think they'll die if they do stupid shit, hell, they think death only happens when you're old.
-0.8979 It's not perfect, but it is a far cry from a bad game.
-0.8658 Fuck you too buddy, you ignorant dickhead.
-0.8622 They were part of the most evil army in modern history and waged a war of extermination.
-0.8555 You need to learn how to put out constructive criticism in a polite way, because you've been rude as fuck to everyone.
-0.8126 How the fuck is 1941 the end of the war?
-0.7845 The vast majority of people were that stupid, and to say otherwise shows you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
-0.765 He deserves to get shit on for abusing copyright strikes like he did.
-0.765 It was a stupid decision to make, and she suffered the ultimate consequence.
-0.7579 No. Stop with the overreactions, if anything, that hurts the cause.