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0.8763 We must find a formula to gain peace without this frightful bloodshed."] Justified or not, that clearly went into the decision making process.
0.8358 Sure, the air campaign was very effective in Desert Storm, but that doesn't mean we would've won with just bombing them.
0.8201 No doubt, but we shaped up pretty soon after that and started winning.
0.8074 This is true for firebombings and terror bombings and nuclear bombings together, imo. On one hand I agree, on the other hand, it depends on how you weigh the factors in that judgement.
0.7906 Fair enough, that sort of stuff isn't exactly my specialty. I pretty much agree with you though.
0.7823 I'm pretty sure we get most of our energy from ourselves, Canada, and Latin America.
0.7717 Pretty sure it's a joke.
0.7003 Alright, fair enough. I'll definitely leave the philosophy to you.
0.6705 Pretty sure the Army is part of the military, too.
0.6697 Utterly glorious.
0.6682 There was no way for Japan to win by that point, so why accept anything less than full victory?

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-0.9201 I think it's far worse to artificially extend the length of the war, when you have weapons that *could* end the war faster.
-0.9062 Mass suicides, civilians given weapons and attacking Allied troops, Japanese units fighting to the death.
-0.8828 The Nazis were literally fighting a war of extermination against the USSR, and it's not really comparable to the other fronts or most other wars.
-0.875 Invasion might have killed more or less than starvation, that would depend on how long they resisted, but the A-bombs killed less than either would've.
-0.8591 Arbitrarily deciding whether something is a conflict or a war is dumb, seeing as they often involve the same things.
-0.8316 Just remember, there was a genocidal war machine conquering Europe, the Allies did everything they could to *end* the war, saving more lives than if it continued.
-0.83 It's completely indisputable that if the war had gone on, more people would've died.
-0.8016 Not really, hell, we were going to give the UK a replacement CV if they lost theirs.
-0.7964 Forrestal had seen many Americans killed at the battle of Iwo Jima during his trip there in February 1945.
-0.7889 The Allies on the whole didn't bomb things just to kill civilians, there was a strategic goal behind that, and achieving that strategic goal means a faster end to the war.
-0.765 It's because doing that would kill more people on all sides, and they want to avoid that for numerous reasons.
-0.7579 Meanwhile if a country attacks my country, I will give ressistance This was my point, if a nation in NATO is attacked, it's treated like it was an attack on all.