/u/Pepsinext is kind of a dick.

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0.7414 holy shit it better fucking be legal to give straight employees special benefits then...
0.6254 pedophilia is liking girls who haven't even reached puberty yet , and you just said liking 16+ girls is pedophilia and not hebephilia?
0.4404 thanks for the acknowledgement.
0.4404 the Olsen twins could show their naked bods and all that good stuff.
0.4215 Welcome to Obama's America, where its cool to be lazy and colored.
0.4215 what does manning up have to do with being attracted to babies?
0.4199 like I said!
0.4019 I've been getting invitations from the Schizophrenic Party to vote for Jesus in this election.
0.4019 Want to play a game?
0.4019 I wish I was younger.
0.3412 nothing to worry about.

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-0.8271 How in the hell is that even worse?
-0.7906 I'm trying to ask about a problem and I get all these rude comments, accusations, and down votes.
-0.765 I arrested some guy for harassing pedophiles recently.
-0.696 well the ability to feel empathy is good, but I don't think any innocent person should die over money at all.
-0.6739 WTF does noogy mean .
-0.6705 its always hard to get a colored person busted for racism.
-0.6628 we don't wash our hands after shitting because we just don't care.
-0.6486 its a dead end job.
-0.6265 True, we've all done bad things and will again but I draw a line between someone who is useless and shouldn't be cared for, and someone who should never ever be killed for a greedy purpose.
-0.6124 I'd even want a serial killer living next door to me than some nig nog.
-0.5994 you're about to die.
-0.5994 some cunts reported this I guess.