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0.9284 Also I just love how all the fans are so gracious, artistic, supportive, and excited.
0.9207 I dont want to sound cliche but it really is an honor to be treated like this who care so much.
0.9199 These are really amazing, it'd be awesome to see some other hero portraits!
0.9098 Okay thats pretty cool, when Im not even there and someone makes me look good in front of my boyfriend, thats a good job!
0.9081 It was marvelous to hear your stories and experiences and Im sure the fans thank you for some wonderful insight into your mind.
0.9062 There is a great sense of freedom in knowing, if I have a great director and writer, then no matter what this message is going to get conveyed.
0.9062 From recording the audition and sending it it, to all the sessions Ive had with the Blizzard folks, it has been such a fun, easy, creative, and exciting experience.
0.9059 I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed conducting the interview!   **Maleok**: Starting off simple, could you give us your name and a little bit about yourself. **Anjali**: Sure!
0.9042 Lol the hero suggestion was something about slapping their tits around to heal. Pretty clear it was at least half joking.
0.9001 the cost if he built it, and show him a video of how easy it is to build a PC.   Hope it works out with you and your friend :)
0.8922 There is something about Zenyatta that makes me feel like Im meditating, he is so sweet and the way they animate him the way he moves is so elegant!

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-0.9217 With comments online you thought about that dumb thing, typed that dumb thing, pressed send on that dumb thing, and let that dumb thing sit there for an hour until someone noticed.
-0.7984 All you've done is tell people they're wrong without giving a reason, something people find rude and pretentious.**
-0.7795 Actually though, I think people are so harsh because it's not like when you just say a dumb thing and don't notice or regret it.
-0.7579 Did you get attacked or harassed by a police?
-0.7096 Correct me if I'm wrong, but last time all the scandal came from actual gameplay footage at E3.
-0.6901 Why isn't Hitler the most evil person?
-0.6901 Who is the most evil person if not him? **You answered none of these questions.
-0.6636 But I'm not gonna play your stupid game of technicalities.
-0.6249 Bran, though his powers, had screwed up this sweet kids entire life- and his entire destiny from child to adult led up to him having to die.
-0.6124   Also, some fans of Chivalry set out to make their own version of the game, [Mordhau], after the devs lack of attention to some fan's complaints about the game.
-0.5719 but because of the patriarchy they can get away with it, just like they can get away with being rapists.   Did I do it right?
-0.5661 Also after the Bastion animated short how can you not love Bastion!