/u/Paul2661 is kind of a dick.

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0.802 A two tier system with the rich having their own doctors and hospitals and politicians playing favorites for family and donors.
0.7906 The clintons sell a pardon that's ok, they also trade a pardon for votes in hillarys ny senate run, that's ok.
0.7845 the childs parents have the right to make the call on his behave, especially when Dr Harano of Colombia University, a well respected doctor, felt the treatment while a long shot offered help.
0.7717 I'm sure since your defending them, the state will grant you a good night.
0.7717 The democrats love people like you.
0.765 Maybe if they knew they had a choice they would choose differently. I'm glad you find your system acceptable, I find mine acceptable also.
0.7579 We went out on one date. ALAN: Ok, yeah, sure, fine, right.
0.7579 Most have cost us in education free lunches, medical care and more.
0.7506 End of life care is eliminated, care for some cancers are not given, waits for MRI's and X-rays are routine.
0.7351 Good. ALAN: Ok, then, well, So..
0.7184 I hope you do try to make some friends.

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-0.9001 In many cases police are harmed in the few incidences of the hundreds of thousands interactions between police and citizens a year, we see the criminal shot and killed.
-0.8807 Remember the issue is a fake hands up story and a fake police brutality narrative.
-0.8602 1) never get involved in a land war in Asia And 2) Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line
-0.8569 Unfortunately trump did not help improve matters and he failed to talk about real issue.
-0.8316 The tourist from Australia is a disturbing incident along with the African American killed in a stairwell in a housing project in NYC.
-0.7579 Illegal immigration affects African American unemployment and the other comments I made were directly associated with your comments such as housing.
-0.7506 One horrible tragedy and people act like it is an everyday occurrence.
-0.7096 The issues they need to address the issues that lead to people feeling hopeless and resorting to criminal behavior.
-0.7035 Tell that bastard, that if he goes near her, he will get a beating, he will never forget.
-0.6808 Tapestry - Carole king Bat out of hell - meatloaf
-0.6808 The reason most likely, that the child died was the state was scared that if the treatment worked, they would have to pay for other experimental treatments at huge cost.
-0.6705 How do the same dems get elected in Chicago when 100s are killed in the street each year in predominantly black neighborhoods.