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0.9575 Nah, I just played alot of FPS games and I really liked CS so I played it for days and loved winning pugs, so I trained to win more.
0.9464 **Great aim gives you great plays, but great minds give you great players.**
0.9246 Just play with a group of people who are around the same skill level as you and try playing some leagues and stuff, that is the best way to improve in competitive play.
0.9013 I use the rival and I think its all about comfort, and If you are comfortable it will be more fun to play.
0.8854 I moved to a place with a good internet connection to be able to practice and stream so I can improve and play every day with good ping.
0.8847 It actually motivated a few people at my age so I put it into this title aswell, but yeah I dont plan on putting it everywhere :D
0.8832 Thank you! I started searching for a team with my friend when CS:GO came out and after we found another 3 good guys we decided to play some local online tournaments.
0.8689 This was the best by far, first time we got gifts, this hotel is amazing and our personal grill is just the cherry on top.
0.835 Thanks for everyones support so far, glad it helped you.
0.8268 Play with your friends which are on around the same skill level as you and improve your communication skills!
0.8221 Thank you, glad you liked it!

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-0.6808 I guess Ill do that for the next article if this one will be sucessful, Ill probably just post some gfycat snippets.
-0.4939 The themes are for instance how to react to your enemies, how to read them etc.
-0.4215 Ill be in here for a while.
-0.4019 Could an admin tell me why this thread got deleted and tagged as misleading?
-0.4019 And thank you for telling me about that mistake Ill try fixing it as soon as possible.
-0.296 And no I dont brief new people because every lesson its its own thing where I can just ramble about how CS works.
-0.2732 We actually beat like top3 teams in our country and we werent known so automaticaly everyone thought we were cheating.
-0.2584 I am not saying other tournaments/leagues don't treat us well, but this is just levels above.
-0.2263 You have to stop, pick a reasonable one like something in between, and stop changing it.
-0.1779 I think you should just deathmatch more and try to notice the mistakes right when youre playing.
-0.1027 If I just peek someone and start spraying I wont crouch because I may want to hide again and if I would be crouching I couldnt.
0.0 All I can say I guess.