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0.9517 Yeah, I'm super curious where he found it too, the chances are so small it made it all the way around...I hope he has a good answer :)
0.9062 Yup, sent him back a sweet little reply, he seems like a darling :)
0.9041 Great job on making the whole character come alive. I love that movie too btw!
0.8707 Im so glad you enjoyed it :)
0.8555 That's awesome, I bet she is cool :)
0.8519 That's a great idea about the concealer around the lip line, I'll try that next time. I definitely need to work on my blending too, what kind of brush do you like to blend with?
0.8338 It was a lot of work, but I'm sure you could do something like this too, you are right, motivation is the toughest part.
0.8316 Glad you liked it :) Episode 4 and 5 are up now, just forgot to link earlier http://youtu.be/wUiIkkzwjLU
0.8176 I actually cant recall, I messaged him back asking for a photo of the original, Im super curious too
0.784 then on to other projects I think Im glad the audience seems to get as much enjoyment from watching as I did from making it!
0.7783 Vancouver island is lovely :)

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-0.4753 Interviewing me and him tomorrow vancouvers cbc am show, 6:40 am 690am dial 88.1 fm, ill know more then!
-0.357 the parts that are scaled are actually the parts that don't move :) it has pages bunched up on the parts that stretch so they sorta inchworm out when it moves
-0.296 Ya i have no clue, im trying to find out where he found it, what a journey to make
-0.296 ahaha oops I missed that
-0.296 Naw just regular paper, I plan to avoid the rain
-0.1759 It feels quite comfy actually,if not a little hot, although its hard to move without ripping it!
0.0 Front page grrrrrrrl.
0.0 I hadn't thought about that before.
0.0 Always time for a dino-suit!
0.0 There will be 14!
0.0 Check out my new miniseries Oddly Audley!