/u/PacoDaTaco15 is very positive!

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0.8858 I'm glad you are on a better track and I'm sure that you will be fitting in nicely wherever you end up!
0.8834 I love that I can see progress and have fun trying to figure out new techniques every time I go. Climbing can be expensive.
0.8748 That's awesome and I hope I get a roommate who can help me in this way!
0.8685 Thank you my liege I am very honored to continue the good work of the King!
0.8297 Like others have said, most climbers are really cool and encouraging.
0.824 :D James 3:10 says "Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.
0.7177 Thanks for sharing your story!
0.7088 Wow, I'm glad you are no longer into that stuff!
0.7088 Thanks for the help!
0.7003 Also good to know Matlab will be useful as I am a TA for ENGR112 which is the introduction to matlab.
0.6996 Thanks this helps a lot!

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-0.6369 Between climbing gym memberships, shoes, chalk, crash pads if you boulder or all the ridiculous amount of gear you need to sport climb, it can add up.
-0.4215 I know its a niche field but come on, no one else?
-0.4023 What if I am not comfortable doing this to my device how can I get it serviced without being with out a computer for an extended period of time?
-0.308 Side note: don't party *too* hard!
-0.2183 I am a bit behind on my electrical fundamentals so :| ...
-0.1531 I'm afraid I will leave for too long and wont know what happened :|
0.0 How many steel plates and nails do you use?
0.0 I would stick to bouldering in a gym at first and just rent some shoes.
0.0 I am doing my first quarter as a TA for 112 this quarter!
0.0 I think I will end up having Prof.
0.0 I see where you are going with that!
0.0 I didn't think to try diff-equ methods...