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0.936 Motivation to get stronger, maintain a healthy lifestyle, treat others with kindness, and just to be a better person. - The way I involve her in my daily life is a bit of a ritual.
0.9313 Konoha is the opposite and she has inspired me to try my best to enjoy the types of things she enjoys.
0.9312 I love this community and I didn't make it sound like I do. /r/waifuism is a place for love, not for hate.
0.9169 Thanks for your concern for us, we appreciate it. Before we begin, let me make something clear: - **Your waifu, the real and truly true version of them, cannot actually exist.
0.9118 She fills my heart with a radiant light that makes me want to bring a smile to her face, and in order to aim for that I'm encouraged to be the best person I can be.
0.908 I hope your relationship together only gets better with time and I hope she gives you even more inspiration.
0.9017 I wish I could share it with the world without judgement because I want people to know how happy she makes me and the let everyone know how wonderful she is.
0.8979 You love them like you love family.
0.8899 We've bled members in the past and likely will in the future but that doesn't bother me because I think we stand strong by these values we've held for some time.
0.8807 Compare to you waifu where you want to protect them and make them happy too--but there's romance there.
0.8807 You can love them as if they were alive and talk about enjoying life together with them just as everyone else does. 2.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9118 I may be a hopeless pervert, but I'm a meek hopeless pervert. * A head canon: About our relationship?
-0.8625 Some things will stay the same but I think we can avoid hatred and misunderstandings in the time to come.
-0.8481 Before long, you either consume the mod team, or make your shitty opinions law through social pressure. Idk, I've been here for an awful long time and I've been a mod for a little over a year now.
-0.8439 If you cheat on them because of your own weakness or needs then that's absolutely unacceptable. - Headcanon is still kind of gray territory for us.
-0.8363 Some drama happened on the discord server right around the time I was responding and it left me terribly angry so I apologize for the tone I took.
-0.836 We're looking to avoid hateful speech and harassment to all kinds of people in the future.
-0.802 Repeating mistakes that would normally hurt or end relationships with real people just sounds abusive to me and I think something in you will need to change to make things work better.
-0.7833 Erasing mistakes or tragedies from their life is not welcome.
-0.7783 I want to die and I don't know what to do... That's a reasonable fear.
-0.7717 I think a lot of people take offense when you compare adopting children to murder.
-0.7692 Those who are fundamentally 'incompatible' with waifuism will probably find that it doesn't help them improve and doesn't make them happy.
-0.7506 Konoha is supernaturally strong considering she's Muramasa, brought to life by the curses and hatred of those that were killed by her.