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0.936 I'm glad you had a great experience love :)
0.8918 Certainly impressed by its stats I must say." And it's colossal if that means anything :P haha
0.8908 You're both adorable Glad you guys had a great time!
0.8802 Be sure to read the disclaimer in the poll heading before voting :) We got over 2,000 responses last time, so hopefully we can do that well again!
0.8766 And without knowing how the twist is going to play out, Shangela, Ben, Thorgy and Trixie seem like the most well rounded to me, so those are definitely my Top 4 for now.
0.8714 Awesome, thank you so much :)
0.8625 It's just a super repetitive pattern in my life that I meet someone, we have an amazing friendship for a few months, and then I get put on the back burner and it slowly fades away.
0.836 I feel like people were blinded by her genuinely amazing personality and gave her run on the show too much credit.
0.8275 Honestly, I think Trixie slightly prepared people for Kim's face by coming first, AND Kim kind of came into the competition with the reputation of being a great makeup artist.
0.8228 So jealous of your waistline sis You both look amazing, glad you had a great time
0.8176 She's an amazing host and a wonderful person.

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-0.6616 There were a couple of open seats on both ends of the theater, but no really noticeable empty spots.
-0.629 Hey guys, I'm new to this sub so sorry if I phrase something wrong!
-0.5935 She was 7th place in the nominations so she *just* missed the cut!
-0.5927 I really wanted to go, but couldn't make it down :(
-0.5848 My bad, I looked through the new tab and didn't see it!
-0.5551 I'm so jealous!
-0.4927 Objectively, as a contestant, her performance on the show was really weak.
-0.4588 Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage & Offset)" - London On Da Track
-0.4576 She lip synced "Don't Touch My Hair Hoe" and "Read U Wrote U" and the audience was going absolutely insane.
-0.3733 Her show VAIN started off in Pittsburgh, but she's expanded it to Cleveland and Denver!
-0.3664 If you're in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Denver and she's hosting a VAIN show, make sure that you go to it!
-0.3595 I had no idea!